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Ars Gaea - Valtyr, Ring of Fire by Shin-Ian Ars Gaea - Valtyr, Ring of Fire by Shin-Ian
This is a quick study I did to test out some fire effects. I've finally named this mech; I'm calling it the Valtyr, Ring of Fire. There is some further detail below, which I created for the SRW: OC drawfriend thread going on /m/.

>>Pilot Name
Xan Leonis

>>Mech Name
Valtyr, Ring of Fire

>>Mech Type
Super, mystical origins. About the size of a Knightmare Frame.

>>Mech Description
One of the Five Rings, Valtyr is a close combat machine that is powered by an unquenchable fire, the Prometheus Flame, which can conceivably burn hot enough to melt through any material. The mane of fire that chases the Valtyr as it moves grows in size relative to the amount of rage the pilot exhibits.

>>Pilot Background
Xan was the last of the Fire Tribe born and raised to pilot the Valtyr because of his race's immunity to the Prometheus Flame. He and the other Four Rings fought an ancient battle against the armies of the Demon Lord Iblis. Xan and Valtyr were cast into the abyss during the climactic battle, and he awakens hundreds of years later to discover that Iblis survived, and that his former companions have seemingly sided with the Demon Lord.

Goons are the demonic underlings of Iblis, lead by the remaining Four Rings. Most difficult for Xan is confronting the Ring of Void, Gabriel de Sol, whom he regarded as an older brother figure.

Dragon Rider, by Two Steps from Hell ([link])
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